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customer #87349

"I'm not a nerd, but I still don't like getting bad grades. My parents are already all over my case, you know. I'm also quite lazy but who isn't, right? Your essays are my salvation. They're not always perfect, I even got a C once, but hey, at least I'm not doing them myself."

customer #87315

"I've been burned by writing companies before, so I was a little hesitant to order from you. Especially with such a major paper as my thesis. But, thankfully, you're decent. My Literature prof loved the paper, and the committee was impressed. Still gave me just a B, but whatever. Thanks!"

customer #87289

"There are situations when I have to work on several projects at a time. I hate the pressure, and I am less productive when I am stressed out. So I was looking for a way to have some of my papers written by somebody else. So I found this service. They are cheap, and the quality of writing is quite nice, just what I needed."

customer #87245

"I am an international student, and my writing skills are quite poor :) I looked for an opportunity to solve this for quite a while. And I've tried a few companies, but the-essays appeared to be the only one that can really help. Others only take your money and deliver questionable papers. Thank you very much."

customer #87198

"Recommend these guys to everyone! My report was something! Hope to learn how to prepare such papers as you do!"

customer #87125

"The best service I've ever used! Helped me with formulating an ideal outline for my essay, got it rolling in no time!"

customer #86922

"I've graduated thanks to you) My thesis got an A, so maybe I should think about getting a PhD :D You are great as always!"

customer #86893

"Who could have thought that getting a perfect essay is so easy? Thank you for your patience and professionalism!"

customer #86867

"Do not care about college at all. I get my every assignment here and chill, while everybody is stressing out. Haha."

customer #86823

"Thanks to the support team for their quick reply and patience. My professor is always crazy about requirements so I needed everything to be perfect. Got the first “A” in his class ^^."

customer #86789

"I hate college, I'll be honest. Like, yes, there are cool parts like parties, friends, and even some of the classes, but otherwise, it's just a waste of time. And still, I'm here, and I have to produce essays like I was born to do it. You always provide me with good papers that save me from being kicked out. I've never even had to ask for a revision, thx!"

customer #86733

"I found myself in somewhat of a slump with all the research papers I was assigned with. I don't have a job or other excuses, I just think that if life gives you a chance to get something good easily, why not take it? You do everything on point, fast, and cheap. Thanks once again!"

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