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How to Write a Good Statistics Project?

Depending on the complexity, the analysis techniques you should use in your statistics project may vary. Using just graphs usually is not enough for a high-school level and above. Don't forget that you will have to present your findings and conclusions in the form of a report. But if you are considering writing it yourself, you may want to read some basic tips before getting down to work. You can always count on our statistics project help.


Before writing a statistics project, try looking for similar papers — that way, you will be able to understand what your final product should look like. Possible sources include university libraries, online databases, or, no matter how trivial that may sound, your professor. Also, ascertain that those works were done in the same field of study as yours.

Try to pick a font that is easy to read and avoid double-spacing. Usually, you will be given formatting instructions, and your task is to follow them to the letter. If your instructor gave you a free hand to pick a font you like, you should take advantage of it and use one that is clear and scalable.

Use the citation method that is the most widespread in your research field. As you have learned by now, there are three major citation styles that you can use in your paper: American Psychological Association (shortened to APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), and Chicago. Choose whichever one suits your needs.

Regardless of the academic level of your statistics project and its length, there should be a requirement for a table of contents and cover sheet. We recommend asking your professor or instructor in order to figure out if you need them and how they should look. That's the most reliable and efficient way of making certain that your paper meets all the required criteria.


  1. Introduction
    Start by drafting the introduction. In it, you should explain the main reasons for researching the chosen topic, as well as provide information on the main questions you want to answer in your paper. Try not to make your introductory part either too lengthy or too short.
  2. Methods
    The next section is used to provide information regarding the research methods you used for raw data gathering. At this stage, you are free to make any adjustments you feel you should have made during your research or experiment but never did.
  3. Show your results
    Don't discuss the results — you should only state facts and nothing but facts. Please, note that you can also mention here some unexpected findings, shocking statistical data, and interesting information your readers may not be aware of.
  4. Conclusion
    Always make this section as understandable as possible. Avoid any ambiguity and provide only valid and accurate information. If, for some reason, the reader is going to jump straight to this part, they should have no trouble understanding your main message.
  5. Discussion
    It usually comes at the end of your statistics project. Should you have any other questions or speculations, you can write about them here. The important thing to bear in mind here is that you shouldn't get too carried away expressing your personal opinions.
  6. References
    Last but not least — the list of all the materials you used or referred to. This section of your paper may also contain studies undertaken by other scholars that you used for comparison purposes. The citation style your instructor requires you to use is also a major condition for making your paper look complete.

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