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Article Critique Writing Help - Get Assistance with Objective Evaluation

Among various other types of tasks, article critique writing may pose a serious challenge for a student since you would need to get an in-depth critical understanding and be able to assess evidence comprehensively and objectively. It isn't anything like writing a persuasive essay in which you take liability for your conclusions and thoughts only. Here, you are given the task to evaluate work of another person, and you can't simply state that it is bad or good. Objectivity and evidence support are the keys to making a competent, expert judgment of somebody's writings.

What Article Critiques Should Look Like

When teachers give article critique assignments, many students, not accustomed to this type of writing, might be perplexed by what it actually is and how it can be best completed. You may definitely start downloading article critique examples and studying critical essay tips, but the best way to make sure you are on the right path when composing your article critiques and reviews is to examine professional materials. Our experts have compiled a short list of characteristics that may help you make sense of article critique as a writing assignment:

Therefore, as you can see, writing a custom article critique is not as easy and fast as you might've thought at first.

Expert Tips on How to Write Article Critique

Since you can be requested to write article critique for a variety of subjects, you can hardly avoid completing it at least once during your studies, be it a college, a law school, a medical school, or an MBA course. Thus, even at the moment of submitting your application to the educational institution's admission committee, you should get used to critiquing articles and train in advance to get good grades. Here are some tips that might help you learn to do this quickly and effectively:

  1. Read through the article very carefully, noting down all substantial details and, at the same time, trying to get the main idea.
  2. Make notes in the text to outline key points such as the author's main thesis statement, major supporting arguments, intended audience, the validity of evidence, etc.
  3. Draft the structure for your article critique with a logical flow of evaluation from the general to the particular.
  4. Collect enough supporting evidence to substantiate your positive and negative evaluations of the article.
  5. Make sure you format the paper in a required academic way.

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