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Effective Research Paper Abstract Writing Guidelines

Students face the need to prepare abstracts in college, and it may prove to be a challenging and unfamiliar task since school essay does not require one. This part of writing is more than just a summary of the document. Its size should never exceed 1/3 of the page (approximately 250-300 words). It is difficult to persuade the audience that your paper is worth reading using a limited amount of words, but the truth is, most readers would rather read the small extract before the full text. This section of the research paper helps to decide whether the research question offered by the author is interesting and significant to study.

This post explains how to write an abstract for the research paper. The post below contains step-by-step writing guide along with valuable advice.

What Is an Abstract?

An abstract is a self-contained and brief statement that summarizes the research paper and explains the significance of the selected problem. The primary thing to keep in mind is that an abstract is not a review. It is not a critique of the work. A student may combine these two, but they should sound objective and make the audience want to read the document by stressing its helpfulness. Writing your summary requires the use of keywords. It will be useful to learn how to use various analytical tools like Google Analytics to detect the relevant keywords and key phrases to insert in your work to make it more specific. Highlight those keywords.

Students underestimate the importance of a good abstract - it is a separate document which weighs plenty of credits rather than an excerpted passage. Several types of this piece are known.

  • Critical.
  • This passage should contain the necessary info like the results of the study along with the feedback regarding the relevance and significance of the question. One may offer other pieces on the same topic to compare and contrast the findings. A critical abstract is the longest one compared to other types of this passage. It may contain up to five hundred words.

  • Descriptive.
  • It is the only type which offers nothing more but a description of the entire work (its summary). Highlight what the author was expecting to obtain.

  • Informative.
  • Here, a potential reader should learn about the methodology, purposes, and evidence and obtain a piece of advice. The text should not be longer than 300 words. It's a challenge!

  • Highlight.
  • The primary goal of this piece is to grab attention. Subjective information and creative approach to solving the problem are allowed in this situation. Intriguing remarks and hooks will help the writer. It is not the appropriate type for scientific work - it is the best option for magazines, newspapers, etc.

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Why Write It

It is a part of an essay that will help the readers understand the main points of the study. Several reasons exist to compose it. Selection and indexing are the primary reasons to carry out this part of work before the table of contents and introduction. It makes it possible for the reader to decide if they wish to continue reading. Some use it for indexing long papers in archives and databases.

The Elements of a Good Abstract

The structure and elements of the abstract depend on the discipline. If you are working on the project for your social science class, the components of your abstract would be the scope, goals, results, and contents of the paper.

The scientific paper's abstract would have the same or similar elements. To write a good abstract for the work in humanities, consider including the thesis statement (paraphrase it instead of copy-pasting from the intro), background info, and verdict.

In order to succeed with your writing, use the recommended outline:

  1. Objective and reasons.
  2. Explain why the chosen issue is important for your target audience.

  3. The issue.
  4. Discuss the question that requires answers or a problem that needs solutions.

  5. Methodology.
  6. List the equipment, tools, and other resources necessary to conduct the study. You can make a how-to guide out of this section.

  7. Facts and statistics.
  8. This one is about quantitative research, meaning numbers and figures.

  9. Concluding statement.
  10. Conclude everything with a small paragraph.

Bonus Tips for Writing

Keep in mind that you should conduct research before developing an abstract. Read through the entire texts or books you managed to find in your library or online to have a plan for your writing. Build this part of the paper around the findings, not vice versa.

One should compose this section using the past tense. Experts recommend building short, clear, and concise sentences instead of complicated phrases with lead-in words. Make sure to use formal language while writing.

The abstract provides readers with valuable information. A large part of the work's success depends on it. If you do not know what to discuss in your abstract, how to set the objective, or deliver the main message to the audience, keep in mind that you can always buy a research paper for college level from the team of professional online writers. They will come up with a good topic, collect and analyze sources, and work on the paper to deliver the best content to you.

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