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MBA Coursework - Things to Expect

When you hear something like "MBA dissertation" or "MBA" coursework, you should know that those are typical dissertation and coursework with the only difference: they cover some of the business-related topics. Students should follow the general rules for writing academic papers when they are given such an assignment in the MBA program. Coursework on the business topics can seem more challenging compared to other subjects. It can be a complete business plan for an imaginary organization that should be ready for implementation and contain all the integral parts of the real business or marketing plan. A student has to do more than in-depth research of the industry.

Coursework for Masters of Business Administration requires one to possess broad knowledge of the selected industry, business management, marketing, finance, economics, business law, and other disciplines. That's not all! It also requires solid skills in time management, leadership, organizational behavior, and much more. Those who need a postgraduate degree in business administration will face writing coursework.

MBA membership requires one dissertation or coursework minimum. This project should impress the professors, proving that a student is ready to join the world of business and launch a startup one day. If you're a student in university business school, this article will be useful for you.

What Is Coursework?

General Certificate of Secondary Education, as well as an MBA degree, require students to submit such a paper. It is shorter than a dissertation but longer than any other academic project. The main purpose is the same everywhere: to assess student's experience, qualifications, and decide on the total grade per course. In the United States, it is a popular tool for knowledge evaluation.

Without proper observation and research, it is impossible to complete this assignment. A student should mind the time dedicated to this specific task as it requires more efforts and resources than most of the other papers they have to write during the academic term. Taking part in every class actively is not enough. A dissertation, coursework, or business plan of the low quality will lead to the adverse outcomes of the learning process: the need to re-take some sources and wait for another year and opportunity. The most popular fields for writing coursework in academia include:

  • English composition and literature
  • Sciences
  • Geography
  • Business studies

It can be a series of cases. It can be an entire marketing plan - it is up to a student or tutor to decide.

Different Coursework Examples to Consider

The students of MBA programs should keep in mind that average coursework should not exceed 3,000 words, and making it shorter is not a good idea. Such works typically consist of several essays. Along with discussions, they weigh 20 marks each. The requirements and grading rubric may vary depending on the business schools and their specific writing standards. For the MBA degree, you may choose between several types of coursework to write.

  • An analytical paper.
    In this project, a student will have to compare and contrast several sources of information on one of the offered business-related topics. One has to speak about various uses for targeting audiences.
  • An analytical study/research/experiment.
    This one is the most popular with students of MBA programs. A student has to pick a material that covers the selected topic, analyze its connection with the relevant issues, and share an understanding of the content with the audience. The main ideas of such writing are:
    • To properly assess the piece's structure, organization, tone, etc.
    • To explore the relationship between different materials on the same topic and use the most suitable, business terminology.
  • Paper with a supportive commentary.
    A writer has to pick some media writing (spoken or multi-modal) and explain different aspects of the observed topic, idea, or question.

You may take a look at the full sample coursework on our website. In any case, it would be an extended essay. It will help to obtain an overall picture of how such projects should look like and decide on the most appropriate topic to discuss.

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Choosing a Topic for MBA Coursework

If you want to learn how to write a coursework, you'll need to find out how to choose a topic for observation, analysis, and discussion. There are many topics related to business and management, so be careful when picking one.

  • Come up with the list of topics after the research.
  • Think about ideas from the area of your expertise.
  • Select the theme you have started to study previously and something you would like to talk about.
  • Check the amount of up-to-date info related to your topic from credible sources like textbooks, journals, and scholarly articles.
  • Turn to the ideas of previous researchers.
  • Avoid ideas with a vast scope.

Once you are ready with the topic, write an introduction. After that, a body that consists of the methods section, results, and discussion part should follow. That is what makes such projects as coursework different from a typical essay. It might take you a while, so we recommend turning to our experts to buy coursework online.

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