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Research paper topics for a quick start!

When you get a task to write a paper, the first issue that you need to deal with is research paper topics. Sometimes, your professor provides you with the theme for your paper, but more often than not, you have to choose one yourself. Interesting research paper topics will give you more inspiration and motivation to compose! However, it only sounds so positive. In reality, it is not that easy to cook up some good topics for a research paper at once. Sometimes, you can think and grind, but 'the one' topic will simply escape your mental grasp. This situation is very common, and you shouldn't panic or desperately pick the first topic you see in the google search results. This list of unique research paper ideas will inspire you and give you the direction to follow in your quest to find that one perfect topic. Tread carefully, for there are more to writing a research paper than just choosing an idea you like. However, it will be a good start. Check out our best research paper topics!

Math research paper topics

  • Relations between Math and Linguistics.
  • Which Math questions do you consider to be way too vague? Why?
  • Arab contribution to the modern day Mathematics.
  • In what way does Math influence other fields? Give at least 5 examples.
  • Why do we use Latin and Greek letters in Math?
  • New approaches to teaching Math in the 21st century.
  • Which Greek philosopher contributed to the Mathematics the most? Whose ideas are still relevant nowadays?
  • Scientific vs. artistic minds. How to succeed in both fields equally.
  • What Math result or experiment had surprised you?
  • Conducting the Math experiments in the 20 century and nowadays - a comparative analysis.

Biology research paper topics

  • Genetic biology and the issues of religion.
  • Unanswered questions of anthropology.
  • 3d technology in biological research.

Marine biology research paper topics

  • Marine pollution and its consequences.
  • Marine science and robotics. The biggest challenges and perspectives.

Cell biology research paper topics

  • The cause of aging is hidden in our cell biology.
  • Cell biology and genome evolution.

Psychology research paper topics

  • The human brain and its development throughout life periods.
  • Non-verbal and verbal communication - its types and main differences.
  • Effects that music has on people's behaviour.

Social psychology research paper topics

  • How our surroundings influence the development of our abilities.
  • The psychology of leadership.
  • Psychological Dependency: how it differs from the Physical one?

Developmental psychology research paper topics

  • Developmental psychology and approaches in teaching kids and teenagers.
  • When can a child start learning foreign languages?
  • Analyze some of your first memories. Do they still influence your behavior patterns?
  • Parents vs. School education. How to make parents children's friends.
  • How to deal with social interaction problems in children with autism.

History research paper topics

  • How modern history is attributable to politics.
  • Which historical figure do you consider to be the most underrated and why?
  • Name three of the greatest military leaders, in your opinion.
  • Do people influence the course of history or does history influence our choices?

American history research paper topics

  • The part that the USA played in the WWII.
  • The connection between social and historical situations (on the example of several countries).

World history research paper topics

  • Name three events that shaped the today's world, in your opinion.
  • Does history really repeat itself? Provide examples.

Art history research paper topics

  • Renaissance and its influence on art.
  • The portrayal of cats throughout history (Ancient world - Internet era).

Business law research paper topics

  • How to minimize conflict of interests in the charity organization?
  • In which cases is it reasonable to make an exception to the Code of Conduct?

Law enforcement research paper topics

  • Monitoring the surroundings as a way to prevent crime.
  • Witness protection program in the USA and other countries.

Criminal law topics for research paper

  • Drug abuse and criminal behaviour.
  • The importance of psychological profiling of serial killers.

Law research paper topics

  • The ways to deal with online crimes.
  • Teacher's rights and responsibilities towards students.

Law school research paper topics

  • The controversy of law regulation rules you have faced.
  • Moral vs. legal issues of education.

Business topics for research paper

  • How to benefit from ethical diversity in your company.
  • Create your startup. Make a marketing plan and a strategy.

Business management research paper topics

  • Event management and possible legal issues.
  • Choose a company and analyze its marketing strategy.

Business ethics research paper topics

  • Cross-cultural differences we need to be aware of.
  • Non-profit organization ethics. What differs it from other company types?

International business research paper topics

  • Pros and cons of remote jobs in the globalized world.
  • Working in different time zones. The main principles and strategies.

Business communication topics for research paper

  • Which negotiation strategies you consider the most effective? Give your own examples.
  • The art of small talk in the cultivation of business relations.

Literature research paper topics

  • Stereotypes about women in literature - the reflection of social attitude?
  • Depiction of male characters in the British literature. "The Forsyte Saga" by J. Galsworthy.
  • Main concepts of modern British literature.
  • Depiction of female characters in the British literature. Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway."
  • Is "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald closer to The Lost Generation or the idea of The American Dream?
  • The Lost Generation vs. The American Dream in the American literature. Give your examples.
  • The themes of loneliness and isolation in J. D. Salinger's novel "The Catcher in the Rye."
  • Oscar Wilde in modern art and literature: Stephen Fry's perspective.
  • William Shakespeare and his impact on literature.

Medical research paper topics

  • Sport as a part of the diabetes treatment.
  • Sports nutrition and its safety for our health.
  • The reasons of pet obesity.
  • Moving your pets overseas: how not to damage their health.
  • Balancing your diet - what you need to know.
  • Alternative medicine - a myth or the real thing?
  • Consequences of teenagers drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Physical and psychological impacts of anorexia.
  • Risk factors of doping for young athletes.
  • Mental training strategy for tennis players.

Education research paper topics

  • Blending learning all over the world. Case analysis of the best practices.
  • Motivating the modern students: any ideas?

Early childhood education research paper topics

  • Explain the differences between gamification and game pedagogy.
  • Early childhood development and language learning.

Special education research paper topics

  • Individualizing educational program for deaf children using the MOOCs.
  • How to use robotics in inclusive education?

Physical education topics for a research paper

  • Physical education and academic performance.
  • Your opinion on the necessity of physical education in schools.

Sports research paper topics

  • Ways to eliminate gender discrimination in sport.
  • Is it appropriate for athletes to advertise goods not related to sport (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.)
  • Theoretical and practical approaches to coaching.
  • How to overcome the fear of losing.
  • Winning and losing in sport: which experience is more useful?
  • Lifting your team spirit: the best approaches.
  • Trauma and injuries and their influence on further career.
  • Maintaining the health of Paralympic sportsmen. Specific medical issues.
  • Do politics influence the Olympics
  • How doping scandals influence other athletes in the team.

Comparative politics research paper topics

  • Compare and contrast the notions of democracy and freedom.
  • Reasons of ethical conflicts and their influence on political systems.
  • How does US political situation affect society?
  • American politics during the Cold War.
  • The kingmakers and populists in modern politics.
  • Religion and politics. How one benefits from the other.
  • The role of ideology in politics.
  • Are mass media too political?
  • Political propaganda and double standards. Give examples.
  • In what way international politics affect the lives of ordinary people? Choose two countries to compare and contrast.

English research paper topics

  • Loanwords and their role in modern English.
  • Strategies and approaches of idiom translation from French to English.
  • Netspeak - new linguistic norms or degradation of English?
  • American vs. British English.
  • Adverbs and adjectives. The issues of complementarity.
  • Linguistic features of the Internet discourse.
  • Which period in the history of English language you consider the most important.
  • How English influences the culture of minorities.
  • Approaches to teaching English as the second language.
  • Code-switching. Discuss pros and cons.

Religion research paper topics

  • The Church and its attitude towards homosexuality.
  • How does the Church influence the society?
  • Religion vs. science. A historical overview.
  • Should all the people who believe in God attend the church?
  • Compare Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity.
  • Catholic Church vs. Eastern Orthodox Church.
  • Artificial intelligence and religion.
  • Was Jesus Christ a real person?
  • Did Albert Einstein believe in God?

Health research paper topics

  • Should children eat vegetarian food if their parents are vegetarians?
  • Vaping vs. smoking. Is vape vapour 100% safe?
  • Issues behind selfies.
  • How the relations with parents can lead to anorexia.
  • What is public health, and which functions does it have?
  • Obamacare: pros and cons.
  • Which factors influence the life expectancy?
  • The danger of Experimental medicine.
  • Should we trust health websites? Why do you think so?
  • Euthanasia. Is it ethical?

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Anatomy and physiology research paper topics

  • Cell structure and its role.
  • Endocrine System, its hormones, organs, and functions.
  • How your body posture can be connected to your cognitive performance.
  • Forensic Anatomy and its role in crime investigation.
  • Describe the field of developmental anatomy.
  • Human anatomy and sensory system structure.
  • The evolution of human body throughout the history.
  • Discuss the relations between environmental issues and human anatomy.
  • Emotional condition and its influence on human body.
  • Human muscular system and factors which affect it.

Engineering research paper topics

  • Engineering design tools we'll use in the future.
  • The use of 3D technology in engineering.
  • Cloning people: are there any limits?
  • Genetic engineering vs. religion.
  • Green engineering ideas: Environmental engineering in the industrial world.
  • The role of industrial management as a part of industrial engineering.
  • Human labour vs. machines.
  • A case study on how to reduce the cost of manufacturing for your organisation.
  • Managing engineering projects: a short tutorial.
  • Automatization in the education: do you support it? Why?

Sociology research paper topics

  • Racial stereotypes in the US mass media
  • Gender discrimination and its depictions in the popular culture.
  • How school bullying and ethnicity are interconnected.
  • Did technologies change the perception of society by individuals?
  • Subcultures and the reasons they are popular.
  • What are the main differences between individualism and collectivism?
  • Does your environment influence your music taste?
  • The role of religion in society.
  • Why do people tend to judge others for their tastes?

Marketing research paper topics

  • The most unusual marketing strategies.
  • Online marketing vs. offline marketing.
  • The best marketing tools in the 21 century.
  • When commercials do not help: examples of unsuccessful companies.
  • Personal Branding. How to create your personal brand online.
  • Stereotypes in the advertising - a great idea to create a buzz?
  • Strategies aimed to increase brand awareness.
  • The importance of negotiating skills in the marketing.
  • International stock market in the post-war period.
  • Stock market and cryptocurrency in the future.

Accounting research paper topics

  • The role of accounting in the modern world.
  • The principles of accounting for a non-profit organization.
  • What are the main differences between management accounting and financial accounting?
  • The importance of strategic planning in managerial accounting.
  • Accounting as a language of business. What does this phrase mean to you?
  • Can accounting be creative?
  • A case study: problem-solving in the managerial accounting.
  • What are three main managerial accounting principles in the suggested company?
  • Functions and role of forensic accounting in the USA.
  • The relations between Cyber forensic and forensic accounting.

Communication research paper topics

  • How to deal with unwanted communication - the analysis of the best practices.
  • The main changes in the communication process throughout the 20th century.
  • Intercultural communication research paper topics

  • The importance of body language in the communication process.
  • West vs. East cultures in the business world.
  • Interpersonal communication research paper topics

  • Personal distance. Keeping it personal online and offline.
  • Should we hide emotions while communicating?
  • Business communication topics for research paper

  • Managing the effective communication in your organisation.
  • How to use the hierarchical structure of business communication to build a successful company.
  • Mass communication research paper topics

  • Media regulations in the USA.
  • Media depictions of Muslim people during the last 10 years.

Nursing research paper topics

  • The roles and responsibilities of nurses in hospitals.
  • What is forensic nursing and how its specifications differ from other nursing types?
  • Choose two nursing theories which you consider to be the most appropriate nowadays.
  • How to provide appropriate medical help for patients with mental illnesses.
  • New pediatric approaches in treating patients with type 1 diabetes.
  • Reasons for childhood obesity.
  • The role of nursing in emotional rehabilitation.
  • Risks and challenges of being a nurse in the 21st century.
  • Should nurses act as role models to promote a healthy lifestyle?
  • How technology improves the quality of patients' lives.

Anthropology research paper topics

  • Explain how sociology and anthropology relate to each other.
  • Marriage traditions in different cultures.
  • Cultural anthropology research paper topics

  • The aboriginal people of Canada.
  • What is culture shock? Can one avoid it?
  • Physical anthropology research paper topics

  • Animals in captivity and their development.
  • Female education all over the world: major issues.
  • Biological anthropology research paper topics

  • The role of biological anthropology in explanation of the human evolution process.
  • Explain the connection between biological anthropology and cultural anthropology. What subtopics are involved here?
  • Forensic anthropology research paper topics

  • The development of the forensic anthropology and its perspectives.
  • The facial reconstruction as a method of forensic identification.

Criminal justice research paper topics

  • Ways to deal with cybercrimes in the 21st century.
  • Domestic violence and its prevalence.
  • Developing the crime prevention programs: the role of schools and families.
  • Education and crime prevention.
  • How can medicine be applied in criminology? Give examples.
  • Men's and women's interpretations of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • The principles of war crimes investigations in the 21st century.
  • Are gun crimes in the USA connected to the gun policy?
  • Investigating the human rights violations during the war conflicts.

Technology research paper topics

  • Does technology create or solve the world's problems? Why do you think so?
  • Genetically modified food - a new era or potential harm?
  • Define areas and sectors where IT should be widely used. Choose one subfield and draw up a plan of its implementation.
  • Will artificial intelligence perform medical surgery?
  • How to improve data security in organizations (a case study).
  • The use of virtual reality in medicine.
  • The SpaceX and Mars human colony plan: define the biggest challenges for the first people.
  • Did technology change the moral and social norms? Why do you think so?
  • The development of robotics. Are there any perspectives of robots substituting human teachers, policemen and doctors?

Chemistry research paper topics

  • The reasons for acid rains, and their effect on the environment.
  • How to avoid using chemicals which provoke an allergic reaction?
  • How to control the use of food additives?
  • Chemical nature of nicotine and caffeine addiction.
  • Methods to explore human plasma proteome.
  • The role of chemistry in computerization.
  • The role of clinical chemistry in providing effective healthcare for HIV patients.
  • Avoiding major errors in laboratory testing results.
  • Raising popularity of electric cars and safe battery recycling problems.
  • New trends in Immobilization of toxic metals in soil and water.
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