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Cause-Effect Essay on Divorce - Guide with Problems That You Can Study

Among the projects of academia, there is a cause and effect essay on divorce - quite a specific piece that you may have to deal with. This writing deserves special attention for several reasons. Firstly, a task implying the study of causes and effects is a thought-provoking one, and it's not only about writing. Here, you can use your analytical and critical thinking skills, conduct interesting and profound research, and come up with new hypotheses.

Secondly, In America, each year, almost 2,5 million marriages end in divorce - the stats are discouraging. Therefore, there are many people and schools interested in this phenomenon's causes. If you're majoring in Psychology, Sociology, Law, or other social sciences, you might come across this topic frequently. Research in this area can shed light on some important questions:

  • What is the impact of divorce on family members' relationships?
  • Can the causes of divorce be predicted and prevented?
  • What financial problems this breakup can lead to?
  • What are the effects of separation and misunderstanding between married people for today's society?

That's a smaller share of all the issues.

Topics for Cause and Effect Essay on Divorce

What is divorce? Your perception may differ depending on the understanding of family, marriage, and modern living. But let's consider it a cause and effect essay topic. We think about the causes of divorce today, its negative effects, or a hard time one may have after the breakup in the first place. There are many issues to investigate. While studying, the topics you're working on are interconnected with the main ideas of your specialty. This way, if your main class is Psychology, you can work on a "How does divorce of parents affect the child and their behavior in adulthood" essay. Or, if you are getting ready for a Statistics lesson, "Divorce rates are rising: The reasons" can be a good subject to examine.

The range of relevant prompts is wide - from the effects of divorce on society to a lack of communication as its main cause. Look through the topics below and think about the aspects they emphasize.

  • Effects of divorce on children and their understanding of family values.
  • Partner's unreasonable expectations as a cause of marriage dissolution.
  • TV-shows as a twisted image of family life that makes partners break up.
  • The breakup and how it influences people's relationships with future spouses.
  • Social stigmas as a stumbling block for a happy marriage.

While preparing an essay on one of these topics, you'll need to go through some related materials. Look for the reliable sources where the cause of divorce is analyzed, find and examine some statistics, research papers, or law reports. Of course, you can formulate an original theme yourself, but we hope our suggestions will come in handy as well.

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Divorce Cause-Effect Essay Outline Example

Let us draw an outline for a cause and effect essay on divorce. It will help to arrange your ideas logically and understand how to make the writing on such a topic coherent. Let us take an issue of the interdependence of marriage dissolution and children as an example and go through major psychological effects that this rupture has on kids. So, here's our outline template for this assignment:

Topic: Marriage Dissolution and the Way It Affects Children

  1. Essay introduction.
    • An attention-getter that shows how crucial the issue of divorce may change a child's life.
    • Background information on children from broken families (i.e., statistics).
    • State your point on whether the parents' disunion is bad for kids in the long run.
    • Announce the effects you're going to analyze for your main idea support.
    • Prepare the reader for further analysis. Here, you may use an intriguing question to the audience.
  2. Kids' stress at the moment of divorce.
    • Academic evidence supporting the increased stress level during the parents' fight period.
    • Emphasize that it has a negative influence.
    • Make a transition saying that such stress may have consequences.
  3. The feeling of guilt.
    • Many children are developing a feeling of guilt after their parents' breakup.
    • If the child stays with one parent, they may consider it as not loving the other.
    • All those issues may develop a trauma that will pursue a person in their adulthood.
  4. Fear of building a family.
    • Psychological analysis of the issue. Make original hypotheses or use the data from related studies.
    • Sometimes if adults have relationship problems, their childhood experience can be the cause.
  5. Conclusion.
    • Recall the main point of your writing.
    • Come across the discussed effects for strengthening the idea you're proving.
    • Mention the possible solutions to the problem and provoke thoughts in the readers' minds: can the marriage breakup be predicted and prevented?

Our essay outline is quite extensive and detailed. You can use it, add or remove the paragraphs, mix the ideas, etc. With a diligent approach, you'll get top-notch writing that will be interesting to read.

A Few More Words on Cause and Effect Essay on Divorce

We've discussed one of the possible ways to look at this important social phenomenon. You can discuss its circumstances in different perspectives. Bring up the early age of married couples as a contributing factor to an increased marriage split rate or speak of children as another cause.

If you have a hard time writing the essay by yourself, just ask us for help - we'll take care of your assignment. Have any questions on how to prepare it or cannot keep up with the deadlines? Entrust your worries to our specialists - on our platform, any academic issues can be solved easily!

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