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Synthesis Essay Prompts — Subjects for Easy Essay Composition

Have you just got a task to submit a synthesis essay? That is a quite common assignment for high school and college students because it provides an opportunity for a professor to assess your ability to:

  • Gather and study the information from different sources
  • Formulate a sound thesis statement that clearly reflects your main message
  • Express your thoughts and observations in proper English language
  • Analyze the interconnection between different standpoints
  • Conclude your investigation with a final thought summarizing your study

Synthesis paper is not an essay in which you develop a position concerning a particular subject matter. Speaking about the basics of how to write a synthesis assignment, the main point to keep in mind is that you discuss the phenomena with the readers. You don't have to persuade the audience or obtain a particular stance. The purpose is to dwell on one of the essay topics and synthesize at least 3 sources of information related to it. Then, you can choose any writing strategy:

  • Compare several theories concerning your topic
  • Analyze different viewpoints on the issue
  • Investigate the specifics of different studies, etc.

In the context of general structure and composition, synthesis essay doesn't differ much from similar writings. What is valued here is a good topic that you decide to make the center of your paper. Having selected a subject matter, you are ready to organize a synthesis essay outline and the content of the assignment's main parts. You cannot pick an interesting topic to write on? Well, this insightful guide on the best AP lang synthesis essay prompts will get all doubts cleared.

The Best AP Synthesis Essay Prompts for Students

In the case of essay topics, synthesis assignments have a wide range of subjects to discuss. A theme you choose has an impact on whether your essay writing will succeed. Sometimes, students don't pay enough attention to this issue and pick the first available topic. Or, they select a too complicated one that they cannot cover well. To avoid all these difficulties, we'd like to turn your attention to these AP English synthesis essay prompts and pick the one you want the most. And, one more thing - before selecting a topic, you need to be sure about whether you can cover it.

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Advertising and consumers

That is an interesting topic for those who study social media and need to create a top-notch synthesis essay. Your main goal is to study the role of advertising in modern society. Today, millions of people watch TV, listen to the radio, browse the web - advertisement is everywhere. Some experts think that any ad has lots of benefits, whereas there is a viewpoint proving its harmfulness.

  • What makes people be influenced by an advertisement?
  • Can an advertisement be misguiding?
  • Are billboards still powerful in the era of the Internet?
  • What does a consumer pay attention to in the ad?

You need to synthesize the data and write a relevant essay. Here, you can use reports and research works on marketing.

Daylight saving time: for and against

You might know that two times per year, many countries set their clock back in autumn and forward - in spring. This rule was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1784. He wrote a letter to his French friend, where he advised to do it and economize on candles. However, the United States adopted this rule only in the 20th century.

  • What is the influence of daylight saving on our lifestyle?
  • What is the relevance of a daylight saving time today?
  • What is the degree to which it can change our daily routine?
  • Do we really benefit from that saving time?

Your primary aim is to process the literature and various reliable sources. That is needed to support any thoughts with pertinent and trustworthy facts, which is crucial when you are writing on historical events. This idea is one of the best AP synthesis essays prompts because it is well-known for many people and will resonate with your audience.

The process of creating a monument

Each country has its own monuments. Some of them honor the moments of great and remarkable achievements, whereas others demonstrate deep sacrifice.

  • What value do the monuments have for societies?
  • Is a monument a reminder of our great history?
  • What does it take to construct a monument?
  • Why do people want to memorize a person or an event?

In your essay, you need to study this topic profoundly and examine the key factors which should be counted during memorializing.

Technological advancement

Today, you can get in contact with your friends or relatives who live in the other country. However, we see that people are becoming lonelier. Is that true? Your synthesis essay on Internet and technical development can address several related issues.

  • Is a convenient communication a major aim of the Internet?
  • Do social networks make us more lonely than we are?
  • Is the Internet a world of endless opportunities for employees?
  • Can the misuse of technological development make us neglect reality?

You have many friends on Facebook, but if you meet them in real life, you won't even say hello to each other. Why does it happen? That is a topic you can cover in your synthesis essay.

Self-improvement and motivation

The market offers a lot of different self-control applications, but not all of them are simple. Are they really effective, or they are just a waste of money and time? Many people stumble upon the lack of motivation, and that is a burning problem in today's society. Here are some ideas to use in your synthesis essay writing.

  • Can smartphone apps strengthen our self-control?
  • What are the factors causing procrastination?
  • Can apps with workout practices be harmful?
  • What is the perfect everyday routine of a motivated person?

In this writing, you can provide examples from your personal experience, but don't forget about real facts from interviews, studies, videos, etc.

Smartphones and educational

You will hardly find a person without a smartphone today. However, can these devices be effective educational tools, or they just distract the attention of students? You may find many scientific investigations focused on these ideas. Here are some synthesis prompts to consider:

  • How can a smartphone be used during classes?
  • Why are various devices more convenient than books and notes?
  • Can the use of technologies affect the student's concentration during studies?
  • Is it really convenient and helpful for a child to bring the smartphone to school?

Today, you can find a lot of different materials where the issue of smartphones vs. education is described profoundly. Use those to provide your essay with relevant evidential support and extensive examples.

The problem of cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is one of the most burning problems today. Some children and teenagers even committed suicide because of it. Today, lots of sociologists study this topic in order to find the way out. That gives you an opportunity to synthesize the data from the newest reports, research projects, and other sources.

  • What are the means of cyberbullying prevention?
  • Why people become victims of cyberbullying?
  • How do social media streighten the negative influence of cyberbullying?
  • Who becomes the victim of cyberbullying most frequently?

Cyberbullying is an issue that is closely interconnected with the Internet and technologies. Keep that fact in mind while writing your essay.

Society and LGBTQ

Many countries support same-sex marriages. What stands behind that idea? What if there is something about the LGBTQ that country officials should understand to make society develop?

  • What are the causes of conflicts with the members of the LGBTQ society?
  • Should same-sex marriage be acceptable in the majority of countries?
  • What makes officials avoid any changes toward LGBTQ?
  • What psychological factors influence the attitudes toward "ones-who-stands-out"?

Your essay may be based on sources that highlight the subject of an LGBTQ, analyze its interdependence with society, and study the possible consequences of allowing same-sex marriage or any other phenomena.

We hope using any synthesis essay prompts provided in this guide will help you create a top-notch assignment. Consider each topic attentively, and we guarantee that synthesis paper writing won't be a challenge for you.

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