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Types of Marketing Plans You Shouldn't Miss

Depending on the intention, business branch, or products, the organization may follow various marketing strategies that influence both existing and new clients. With proper plans being implemented, the customer base will expand. The right approach can result in more sales and a greater level of brand awareness. But a customer's trust, acceptance, and great buying rates don't come easy. To grow your business and make people remember your brand name, you must find out what works best in your niche. Here, the use of particular types of marketing plans may help. Marketing planning is a strategy an enterprise or small business uses to make its products known and bought by the customers.

There are 4 types of marketing strategies that everybody's heard about, and here are their main principles:

  1. Cause - to offer goods/services that resonate with certain issues or today's burning questions.
  2. Scarcity - to make a customer afraid of losing a perfect chance to buy a product or service.
  3. Relationship - to make sure customers are satisfied with the products got from you.
  4. Undercover - to influence the target audience without them realizing it.

The marketing plan should meet your goals and objectives as a business owner and boost sales, raise customers' positive attitude, and improve other important factors.

In our guide, we will focus on basic types of plans that will help you ensure a solid ground for your business and strengthen its every aspect. We will go through such elements as your brand development, target audience, communication with your clients, promotion, and specifics of your niche. Those are the marketing objectives that a successful business is impossible without.

The Essence of Marketing Strategies

Usually, marketing refers to winning new customers and promotion of the products. Your digital marketing plan should aim to:

  • Find and grow your target audience (TA)
  • Persuade a potential customer to buy the services or goods you offer
  • Spread the awareness of your product
  • Maintain the customers' satisfaction and interest in your offers

Every company is to be versed with different types and features of the marketing plans, so they apply them accurately and support their growth on the market. From time to time, you can review the chosen strategies. The clients' needs and consumerism trends may change, and your task is to stay competitive among other similar enterprises. It is always good for a company to be up to date so as not to lose the already existing audience's loyalty or spook the new clients.

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Brand plans

The brand is what differentiates a company from its competitors. One of the organization's ways of turning the customers' attention to its products is by showing the uniqueness. While considering your brand, don't focus only on the major type of products offered. Pay attention to the smallest details: color schemes, specific aesthetic, overall style, presentation. The way your clients see the product means a lot.

Geographic plans

Marketing strategies that target geographic segmentation such as the cities, regions, or time zones can analyze how customers' needs differ by their location. That allows companies to influence the customers by launching campaigns at the best time and understand what niche they influence the most in terms of location.

Customer plans

Any company strives to meet the client's expectations. That requires thoughtful research aimed to identify the audience's problems. Then, you can get a better perception of what services or goods a client expects to be provided with. Customer plans should be implemented regularly and reviewed if needed. People's needs change frequently, and in the marketing area, one of the company's tasks is to show the ability to adjust their services and make them relevant to today's consumer. Here, you can see the connection with a cause market strategy.

Direct mail plan

Companies that don't want to spend much on difficult aspects of market development may focus on communication with clients. You can achieve that by sending emails, text messages, catalogs, providing paid media advertising (i.e., that one you see on Instagram feed). Potential clients show their interest by following your links, and that's how you can use the relationship strategy we've talked about. However, the response rate may not always be as high as anticipated.

Free sample plan

When a product is introduced, the company doesn't yield much profit. It has already spent a lot of funds trying to reach potential clients and boost customer loyalty. Of course, consumers always tend to go for old items or services that they trust. But the free sample strategy allows the clients to try the product first. It shows your confidence in the quality of the offered item or service, and that may boost the probability of buying in the long term.

Telemarketing plans

Companies that want to reach more people use this plan frequently. It is a method of direct marketing when the salesperson pushes the consumer to purchase a product. In this case, the customer is reached via phone or approached for a face-to-face conversation with the company's sales manager/representative. You could see the manifestations of this strategy on social media platforms. Remember the last time an Instagram blogger told you about the "amazing services" they used or the product they bought.

Promotional plan

This market strategy implies persuading the customer of buying your goods or paying for a service. Let them think that NOW is the best time to order from you. Coupons, discounts, promos - all these are the features of scarcity marketing.

Niche plan

Niche strategy allows the company to draw the attention of various groups of people with similar needs and in a given geographic location. For instance, many customers need smartphones, but their demands vary. One subsection may need a good camera, and the other may seek a specific screen resolution. You pick the group that is more profitable and analyze the products offered to it by other companies. You should focus on their needs only and come up with a unique product that can satisfy them perfectly. This way, you can make your TA look special, and that's what can make others want to obtain your product as well. Did you know that the iPhone had once been a niche product?

There are different types of marketing strategies available today. If you manage to determine the one that works best for your case, you will have better chances to succeed! So, don't be afraid of trying out different methods.

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