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Cause and Effect Essay Rubric Essentials — Get the Highest Grade Easily

What do we know about the cause and effect essay rubric? That is what your assignment's grading depends on. When professors look through your writing, they consider several crucial aspects that show your academic competence, awareness of relevant standards, and ability to meet the requirements well. It is obvious that fulfilling the word count won't be enough to prepare a top-notch cause and effect essay. Then, what should a student pay attention to?

In many instances, students neglect reading rubrics before starting to work on their college papers. Rubrics are seen as mere formalities for professors, which they aren't. These are the rules one should play to meet the academic expectations and come up with a relevant project. By following those, you can boost the writing skill as well. And even if you are a diligent student who always tries to keep up with the studies, the rubric a professor provides you with may contain non-evident features. Neglecting those can unexpectedly lower your final grade and performance level. But, there is nothing tricky about rubric for cause and effect essay. As a rule, that is a set of concrete and specific requirements one should follow to succeed in writing. And, the fewer of them you meet, the lower your grade is.

Hence, in our article, we want to discuss a rubric issue profoundly for you to know how to improve your academic paper and "adjust" it to the target standards.

One more thing to keep in mind. For many professors, it is highly important to make sure their students are reading the instructions attentively. And, they may even use various tricks to check if you have read the requirements attached. Sometimes, there is a tiny detail or rule, and neglecting that will become a dramatic mistake. So, constant vigilance!

Cause-Effect Rubric Essentials

You might ask, "What are the major aspects that any professor will consider while grading my assignment?" The question is understandable, and we find it important to shed light on this issue.

  • Introduction and thesis statement
    In cause and effect assignment, students have to state their major ideas in a clear way. That is what hooks the audience and provoke them to know more about your thoughts. The emphasis can be on events or phenomenons (causes) leading to particular outcomes (effects) or vice-versa. Obvious sentences like "Ice melts on the sun" are not enough here. The main message should engage the reader and create a certain mood for reading your essay. Hence, we recommend preferring prompts and ideas related to nowadays burning questions.
  • Well-supported body part
    The body of cause and effect essay has to be structured well - there should be at least three sections describing the causes or effects. For example, you have writing on a social media topic. It can be descriptions of two negative and one positive impacts on users' mental health or behavior. Or, if you are writing about environmental issues, you can dwell on what consequences it can lead to for society, infrastructure, and well-being. Another element here is a relevant body of evidence. Those are citations, references, and additional materials that support your point. That is what's counted the most during the assessment because, without the support of your stance, the essay will be considered unreliable.
  • The concluding paragraph
    In a cause-effect essay, the conclusion is also crucial, although all the events and their co-dependence have been already described in the previous part. Here, you have to cross the t's and come up with one final thought about the interdependence of phenomena studied. Sometimes, a student can mention the need to solve the issue (if effects are negative) or the possible benefits from leaving things as they are (if those are positive). What would be unnecessary here is a bunch of redundant information or completely new thoughts - the conclusion is always for summarizing only.

Prompts to Consider

We offer you to look through the prompts below to have a better understanding of cause-effect writing. Also, this way, you can simplify the challenge of choosing a relevant topic for your college project.

  • Compulsive eating causes stress and mental illness.
  • Learning language improves memory and cognitive skills.
  • Regular exercising reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Hormonal changes provoke mood instability in teens.
  • Conscious consumption prevents ecological disasters.

These are the basics, and speaking about the rubric, keep in mind that every professor may have precise requirements and writing standards. And, following them appropriately will bring the highest grade to you. But how does the rubric works?

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Mechanism of Rubric for Cause and Effect Assignment

To get insight into this issue, we offer you to look through the list below where the main principle is profoundly described. There, you can see what a good cause and effect essay should be for you to get a grade needed.

  • "A"
    An essay displays the author's perfect understanding of the cause/effecting concept; a significant number of various evidence is used for the thesis statement support. The subject matter and its role are clear; the thesis is strong and is defended throughout the paper. The essay doesn't contain generalizations and personal opinions - all causes/effects are discussed and backed profoundly enough. The assignment is organized coherently; all the references are formatted appropriately and with style required. The writing has got a few or no typos or syntax/grammar mistakes, which makes the text cohesive and easy to read. The main message is understandable.
  • "B"
    The assignment demonstrates a student's good understanding of interdependent causes and effects; the paper is supported with a good number of sources cited. However, there are unsupported assumptions made. The gathered information is relevant but is organized with some mistakes (mixed paragraphs or wrong word count). The thesis is strong, but not always supported well throughout the essay. The assignment contains a few typos and minor mistakes.
  • "C"
    The paper challenges the author's understanding of the cause and effect of interconnection in focus. The thesis is not very strong and not always supported by evidence. The issues picked for the analysis are debatable. The writing is poorly structured, some personal opinions and unsupported assumptions are expressed, and some paper's content is off the topic. The text contains numerous typos and grammar mistakes, which, although, do not significantly interfere with the comprehensiveness of the paper.
  • "D"
    A paper shows the author's lack of competence in the researched interdependence; the subject picked isn't logical and remains rather unresolved throughout the text. The way supporting evidence relates to the thesis statement is doubtful. The essay is hard to read due to numerous typos and mistakes.
  • "E"
    A student cannot introduce the topic and convince readers in the relevance of chosen causes and effects. The main message or thesis statement is blur or omitted at all; the whole text has no message to support, which leads to the inappropriate structure. There are no conclusions or final statements in the essay, the interdependence of causes and effects isn't studied or supported. Lack of reliable references; mistakes in formatting; delay in turning in.

Now, at least one thing became clear. You have to know the basics of the rubric for such an assignment as cause and effect essay to avoid mistakes in the assignment better. But, with the help of our guide, now, it will be easier for you to meet the professor's expectations.

Still, for many college and university students earning "A" rade appears to be a challenging task. Meeting all the criteria is quite a tricky thing. There are a lot of circumstances and issues that can prevent your success. Thus, if you aren't an avid writer, it can be a good idea to have the cause-effect assignment prepared by someone competent. On, we provide students with academic writings of any type and difficulty level. All you need is to tell us the basic requirements, and a top-notch custom essay will be delivered in time. Cooperate with our professionals and be confident in maintaining your performance at an appropriate level!

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