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How to prepare a refined annotated bibliography cover page

creative essayWhile preparing different types of papers, such as researches, reports or articles you would probably face with annotated bibliography. And, in order to succeed, you have to know what exactly annotated bibliography is and be aware of its features.

Generally, an annotated bibliography is a list of short descriptions of different sources, which you take the information for your paper from. The main difference between a bibliography and annotated bibliography is that in the latter case you don't just mention the source (book, document, article, journal etc.), but also shortly describe it to show the relevance and appropriateness of the chosen information source. The cover page of the bibliography is also crucial because it shows how good you orientate in your work and understand its main idea. And, if you want annotated bibliography cover page formatting to be less challenging, it is better to study it in depth.

Rules for getting an ideal annotated bibliography cover page

The first thing you have to know is that there are three main types of the cover page for annotated bibliography: MLA, APA and Harvard. Each of these styles has its own peculiarities that have to be considered when preparing this type of a cover page.


While preparing an APA annotated bibliography cover page, you can bear in mind some advice given by your professor or just follow these recommendations:

  • paper title, author and the institution you study at are mentioned on the title page;
  • in APA you should have the running head in the top left-hand corner and the numbers in the top right-hand corner of the page;
  • your title must be done in uppercase and lowercase letters in the central section of the page;
  • as a rule, everything should be written in Times New Roman (12);

Also, you can be given some specific instructions by your professor, but the rules mentioned above are standard for APA cover page.

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For the Modern Language Association (MLA) it is not necessary to make up a cover page for completed paper, but your work would probably look more professional with it, so you can be asked to do it. If the annotated bibliography title page is done using the MLA style then following peculiarities should be considered:

  • MLA doesn't require a separate page for the title;
  • mention your name, the name of your supervisor, your course and the date of finishing the paper;
  • use general standards of capitalization while writing the title;
  • the cover page is always double-spaced, and all the worlds are centered;

Following these guidelines will definitely help you cope with preparing the MLA cover page.


Harvard formatting has its own specific features as well. Here are some of them:

  • the title of your paper has to be about halfway down the page and be written using capital letters;
  • after the title (several lines down) you have to mention your (author's) name in lowercase letters;
  • put the name of your class and your professor's name one line after;
  • write the name of your educational institution including its location, and don't forget about the due date at the end;
  • all the information mentioned above should be written on a separate line;

So, now, when you had a closer look at each format of the annotated bibliography cover page, this task wouldn't be as difficult as it would seem. Do not forget about the key features in order to prepare the best cover page for your bibliography. But, it is also a good idea to consult your supervisor, who can even give you some additional instructions.

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