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How to Write a Research Proposal - a Student's Guide

Your academic life is full of different events but sooner or later might come a moment when your teacher will ask you to write a research paper proposal. It is a crucially important and complicated task which requires your time, efforts and good writing skills. In fact, the majority of students don't understand how to meet this challenge successfully.

The primary aim of our guideline is to help you understand why a research proposal is essential and what recommendations to use in order to meet the challenge of this task. In words of one syllable, it means that you can rely on these recommendations and us as a partner. We'll try to hunt down a question of how to write a proposal for a research paper, provide you with valuable pieces of advice, and thus score better.

What Is a Research Proposal - Brief Definition

To understand the key objective of this task, it is necessary to establish the definition of this term first. It is a short document which comprises the information about the main objective of your research and your general action plan. In other words, you need to clearly formulate the main purpose of your paper. As a result, this document will help you convince your professor that what you're going to do might be important for a particular field of study. When looking through it, your intended audience will immediately understand what your paper is about.

Besides, the research proposal definition may vary depending on the subject area, you explore. Yet, the general structure remains the same. It is a brief document that contains the general idea and the overarching goal of your paper.

How Does a Research Proposal Structure Look?

When writing a research proposal, you need to adhere to specific requirements regarding the structure of your paper. In this review, we'll discuss it in broad terms. Firstly, you need to bear in mind that dealing with this task you must address the questions listed below:

  • What goal do you wish to achieve? Otherwise stated, you need to define the general problem of your research;
  • Why did you decide to investigate this problem?
  • What methods are you going to use in order to achieve this goal?

Generally, your proposal should answer the questions above. And hey, if it seems too hard - just order it from us!

Tips on Writing a Research Proposal Introduction

The question of how to start a research proposal is absolutely essential for the majority of students. In fact, considerable difficulty can be experienced because you simply have no idea what tips to use in order to start writing effectively.

Why do people write research proposals? In very deed, their purpose is to convince the audience to approve their project. They realize that their proposal should summarize everything about their paper in a brief manner. For that reason, your introductory part is crucially important, and it is good to give your readers a lot of meaningful and useful content. Having looked it through, they will immediately understand the general direction of your future research as well as your passion for the chosen subject area and your desire to study it as well.

Your introductory part should be a short but informative piece of writing meant to answer the following questions:

  • What is the main problem with your paper?
  • Why does this subject area require the attention of the audience and should be studied?
  • What techniques and methods are you going to use to study this topic?

Your introductory part should comprise the answers to all these questions.

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What about the Research Proposal Thesis Statement?

As well as any other academic assignment, this one also should include a thesis statement. Your research proposal thesis statement is the key idea of the whole paper. Alternatively stated, it is a sentence (or a few sentences) which briefly informs the intended audience of your research.

Your key objective is to do the following:

  1. sum up your main research problem and describe in details your purpose of writing;
  2. indicate why this research is worth attention;
  3. what particular issues you are going to address;
  4. what sources and methods you are going to use to cover this topic.

What to Include in a Research Proposal Conclusion?

Following a certain structure, you'll definitely create a high-quality proposal worth the highest grade. If you want to achieve this result, how to make it happen? You should, first of all, create a short introduction. In fact, this part is easier than the ones mentioned above.

You need to write a few sentences to underline the significance of your research once again. In fact, it is a short summary of the whole paper. In some instances, this section can comprise up to two paragraphs (depending on the topic and your objectives). You should repeat here the magnitude of the discussed problem.

Someone reading this section should be informed of why this particular problem requires attention. You are not meant to put forth an idea or air your personal opinion in this section.

How to Create a Research Proposal Outline?

For you not to rack your brains over this issue, we created a sample of the outline which can be taken up in your work. It will help you understand what particular parts of a research proposal should be added. As a result, you'll create a winning proposal which will help you improve the quality of the finished research paper. If this section is too long, we recommend using the subheadings.

Put the case that the topic of your research is "The Future of Drones." In this scenario, your outline may look like this:

  1. Introduction, where you will explain what particular issue you are going to examine. Why is the question of using drones crucially important today? Why should this area develop?
  2. A brief review of the literature which you are going to use. You need to describe what particular facts are already known about drones, what companies are considered to be the leading manufacturers, in what areas drones can be used most effectively, etc.
  3. Rationale. In this section, you should list all the questions you are going to cover in your research;
  4. Methods. What particular ways are you going to use in order to cover this subject area? What resources do you use? What techniques do you want to apply?
  5. A concluding part where you need to sum up this problem once again and explain why it requires further investigation and why your paper is worth reading.

This task requires not only time but particular skills and efforts as well. Besides, it takes time and effort to address this issue. For that reason, you should consider making us your service supplier when it comes to writing academic assignments. Get the highest possible grade or win a scholarship - we are willing to help you.

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