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How to write a thesis introduction - starting your paper smart!

More often than not, people who face the necessity to write a thesis cannot figure out how to write its introduction. As a result, you are afraid to start working on it, and because of that, you lose a lot of time. You become puzzled and uncertain about each sentence that comes to your mind. That's how you get stuck writing your thesis introduction. And, when you actually start writing, there's still a lot of details you need to keep in mind in order to create an excellent introduction. To make it really good, you have to put efforts into it and spend a lot of time perfecting your writing skills. This type of writing differs from others. Your research has to be thorough and independent, and you have to suggest your own vision and ideas which will be scientifically feasible. It makes the question of "how to write a good thesis introduction?" even more pressing.

How to start a thesis introduction

So, if you have agreed upon the topic with your professor, usually it is considered to be high time to start collecting the sources and writing drafts. However, don't rush into it! Make sure you leave enough time for procrastination. Yes, this term has a negative meaning. However, it doesn't necessarily imply that you're doing nothing. Use this time of rest wisely, and it will help boost your creativity. The main idea here is that you shouldn't start working on the paper from the moment you've received an assignment. Take some time to plan everything and concentrate on the most important things. Start looking for credible sources. Analyze them and think about the question you want your thesis to answer. As you know, all academic papers begin with a question, so don't forget about it while working on your thesis paper introduction. The best idea on how to start a thesis introduction is to begin with choosing a thesis question and conducting a literature review to select primary and secondary sources you will be working with.

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Tips for writing a thesis introduction - simple but effective

Your thesis introduction must inform your readers about several important moments of your research. The first is the area, the field or the topic you are working on. The second important aspect is establishing a problem, an issue, or a gap you want to fill by the research you conduct for your thesis. The last one is based on two previous ones, and it will introduce your hypothesis or thesis question.

Check out other important tips:

  • Don't forget to outline the previous research in this field and the results of their work.
  • Provide terms definitions.
  • Explain the importance and topicality of your research.
  • Make a short outline of your paper.
  • Include some general info concerning each section and explain the use of methodology and approaches in your research.

So, taking into account that all the stages mentioned are generalized, and there could exist certain custom specifications, how long should a thesis introduction be? As a rule, it takes from 6 to 10 pages, but it depends on the subject, requirements, and the overall length of the paper.

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Writing a thesis is a very time- and energy-consuming process. Each step you take should have a strict deadline. Otherwise, you may go in the wrong direction or bury yourself under the topic that isn't even relevant to your research. If you worked with large amounts of information previously, it would definitely help you. If this is your first serious research, brace yourself for hours upon hours of browsing the Net. Be ready to spend a significant amount of time selecting relevant sources and disposing of those that do nothing but distract you from productive writing.

If a picture we've painted looks too scary for you to get your thoughts together, and some urgent yet important things keep you from starting on your thesis, that is not the reason to get upset! We can offer you fast, professional and affordable help writing a thesis helper.

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