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Synthesis Essay Topics - Argumentative and Explanatory Ideas for Your Synthesis Essay

One of the challenges that you may face while being assigned to write a synthesis essay is the right choice of topic. While working on a synthesis assignment, your purpose in writing is to come up with a relevant and extensive discussion. That, in turn, is impossible to do without a well-formulated and precise core idea.

If we recall the basics of how to write a synthesis paper, we'll see that you need to conduct profound research and pick different source materials for supporting your thesis statement. But, you cannot just examine various sources and choose any sentences or paragraphs that seem interesting. Your writing shouldn't be just a list of exciting phrases. That's not an essay that is required from high school and college students. It doesn't matter if you have a bunch of materials for analysis if you don't know what position you will prove and what ideas you will discuss. So, first of all, your sources should be focused on well-grounded topic ideas. But how can you decide what topic to choose? You think of synthesis essay variations, consider different subject matters and the lack of sources where you can find related information. Worry not! In this article, we are going to recall some major features of this specific writing and provide a range of synthesis topics for you to choose.

Recall the Essence of Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essay is a must for any education system, and sooner or later, it can influence your academic performance. Depending on a student's skills and knowledge, this assignment can be considered good or bad, but they have to deal with it no matter what. Synthesis essay is used to test learners' competence and ability to support a discourse by using various data sources (research reports, interviews, articles, etc.). And, as it was said, the key element here is your topic. It should be:

  • Clear enough for people to understand it
  • Relevant and comprehensive for you to discuss it extensively

What are the good synthesis essay topics? Sometimes students feel difficulties with this question, especially if their writing skills are poor. They cannot formulate an argumentative topic correctly, and that doesn't let them embark on appropriate researching and writing.

For the professors of your college as well as for high school teachers, the main aim is to make you come up with refined assignments which show your academic competence and well-developed skills. And even if all you need is to decide your topic, knowing the basics of school projects is a must. Hence, the first question to answer is "What is the best way to write a synthesis essay?". So, if you've got this assignment from your instructor, look through the following strategy. Then, you'll be ready to analyze the provided topics and pick the best one.

  • Conduct your source research and gather relevant info on your subject.
  • Organize an outline and distribute the information you have to the corresponding essay parts.
  • Analyze how different ideas you've found resonate with your own statements.
  • Draw powerful parallels between viewpoints and provide them with evidential support.
  • Summarize your analysis and findings by formulating a coherent conclusion.

So, this is it. The synthesis essay is focused mostly on analytical and critical thinking. If you understand, "I know the writing purpose and now, I need a good topic," it's time to proceed to the lists we've prepared for you.

Choose the Right Subject

You might know that your future grade depends on the topic a lot. It should be relevant, catchy, and manageable - you need to be certain that you can cover it well and provide enough interesting ideas.

If you are free to choose any subject matter, always prefer topics you are familiar with. Or, formulate it the way so that you can emphasize the aspects you are competent in. If you feel that you aren't up to this assignment or the topic issue is too challenging for you, look for some ideas here.

For you to avoid stressing over this problem, we created a few synthesis essay topics lists. We hope some of our ideas will inspire you for writing or help to formulate a unique theme for the assignment.

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Argumentative Synthesis Essay Topics

You may ask, "What is common between an argumentative essay and synthesis one?" The answer is simple. Synthesis essay creates a discourse that can be a profound argument, while your topic and the way you investigate it may provoke interesting thought in the audience's minds. Here are some ideas to develop good writing.

  • What approaches to global warming issue are the most effective nowadays?
  • Why is sex education a crucial course in schools?
  • The influence of social media on student life.
  • What are the social reasons of child disorders?
  • Is it possible to make a child love reading books?
  • The behavior of children raised by a single parent
  • What is the American dream? Is it still alive?
  • What are the main causes of terrorism in the 21st century, and what should society do to prevent it?
  • The danger of artificial intelligence.
  • Is it possible to defeat poverty? What measures should be taken?
  • Why do people immigrate? What makes them leave their native country?

These are some burning questions, so you will easily find a lot of interesting and pertinent information on it.

Explanatory Synthesis Essay Topics

In a case with an explanatory assignment, you also have to investigate different issues and analyze existing ideas. Therefore, in the context of a synthesis essay, topics can be explanatory as well. Here are relevant thoughts that can be investigated in different perspectives and help you come up with engaging writing.

  • Principal causes of the Cold War and the possibilities of its prevention.
  • What do you think of laziness and its key causes?
  • Harmfulness of noise pollution in big cities.
  • What causes sleep deprivation nowadays?
  • Why include the course of health education in school curricula?
  • Is it possible to avoid gaining weight? What measures is it necessary to take?
  • Should alcohol advertising be banned? How does it influence consumers?
  • Explain the role of technology in the classroom.
  • Why do people get divorced? What measures should be taken to prevent divorces?
  • Modern education spheres that should be improved.

Still, you can choose a topic and come up with great ideas, but writing a synthesis essay will be a real challenge to overcome. And, why does an average student frequently stumble upon various academic assignments? Deadlines, part-time job, different extracurricular projects - these and a lot of other things can affect your ability to keep up with the studies. What should you do in this case?

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