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Essay About Travel - To write one or have one written for you?

Have you ever written a travel essay? Well, if you have not, you don't know what challenges await you until you begin writing. On the one hand, it may seem that there is nothing simpler than describing your trip, but on the other - the chances are that you may end up facing a number of challenges: you don't know what is relevant and what is not, which parts of your travel deserve being described and which are not, etc. To cut a long story short, writing a good essay on traveling often turns out to be not as easy as it may seem to you at first glance. Yet, college students get assigned to write a travel experience essay every now and then. In fact, when you are supposed to do one, your professor is most likely looking for an opportunity to check your essay writing skills, while your actual impressions from the travel are not that important. And this is precisely why we have prepared a few tips that you can use to your best advantage when working on your travel essay.

First of all, when you are working on your travel experience essay, you should keep in mind that you don't really need to start with the main points of your essay, sticking with the general essay structure instead. Here are the main parts which your essay must contain:

  • The title page.
  • The abstract (if your essay is in APA style and contains more than four pages).
  • The introduction.
  • The essay body (must include three or more paragraphs, depending on the size of your essay).
  • The conclusion.
  • The reference page (if applicable).

Let us address this list in more detail. The title page is required in a number of citation styles, the only exception being MLA citation style, in which the title page is not required. The abstract is required by APA guidelines, but only for papers which are four or more pages long. You may also include the outline of your essay which will look like a bulleted list of all the sections of your essay.

The outline is usually followed by the introductory part, which is supposed to start with an attention getter, containing a piece of information or a phrase that is guaranteed to attract the reader's attention and thus motivate them to read further. Your introduction is also supposed to announce your body paragraphs, each of them telling about one aspect of your travel. Then comes the introductory paragraph with which you announce these aspects and tell your reader that your paper is going to focus on them.

Then there's the essay body that focuses on the aspects of your travel or the places you have been to (in case there are several locations you have attended). You may discuss the experience of preparing for the trip, actually traveling by train or by plane, or staying in a new and unfamiliar place. This is, of course, just one of the many options you can select from.

Then, quite reasonably, we have the conclusion in which you will provide the summary of your body paragraphs. Be sure to mention each one of them in your conclusion and remember to include the bottom line which would refer to the essay in general and each one of its body paragraphs individually.

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A possible Traveling essay introduction example

Please, find below a sketch of an introduction for a travel essay, which you may use for your future reference:

This trip was a truly outstanding one. And it was unusual in at least three ways: my preparation for the journey took me only half an hour, the trip itself was full of adventures, and when I finally arrived at the destination point, I was amazed to have learned that such places do exist on Earth.

Of course, this is a very brief introduction for a very small essay, but it gives you a pretty good idea of how a travel essay should look like. In general, there are numerous topics on which you may write your travel essay, so you may find it helpful to check our narrative essay about travel post suggesting a number of highly interesting and thought-provoking topics.

If we haven't managed to actually spur you into writing your travel essay right away, you may always contact our professional team and receive instant professional writing help. In fact, quite a few of our readers already did, and they never regretted their choice. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a try and see for yourself why we are the best at online essays!

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