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Is it hard to write a good introduction for a dissertation?

Sep 22, 2017

Writing a dissertation is the ultimate culmination of your academic path. It is extremely important to write and format it according to all the standards, and one of the most vital parts of this paper is the introduction. Let us share some insights into the craftsmanship of good dissertation introductions. We'll share some useful tips on structure, research methods and overall styling that you should incorporate into your dissertation introduction in order to make it look professional and worth reading.

Abstract as a dissertation

Sep 17, 2017

A dissertation is your last step towards getting your advanced degree, so it is vital to write it in such an expert matter that your evaluation board will be left amazed. One of the most crucial parts of this paper is an abstract you compose to summarize all the work you have conducted in your dissertation. This article will give you some clues on how to make your abstract perfect. We'll talk about starting points, main-part guidelines, some advice regarding conclusion and other useful tips!

What is the structure of a 5 paragraph essay?

Sep 06, 2017

It is so satisfying to receive an assignment for a simple 5 paragraph essay (or a 'hamburger essay') after a ton of lengthy and daunting papers. But do not let yourself relax! Five paragraphs might not be too many, but even here you'd have to commit fully. In this article, we'll talk about the definition of a five-paragraph essay, main requirements for its structure, and provide some useful tips received from our expert writers. Learn something new from our blog and produce an amazing five-paragraph essay!

7 useful tips on how to write a college application essay

Aug 30, 2017

College is a huge part of your life, and applying to one is as stressful of a process as it is graduating high school with good GPA. Writing a college application is not as easy as it may seem! There are hundreds of applicants, and you need to make an impression with your admission essay. We present to you some useful prompts on how to write your application in such a professional and simultaneously personal manner that it will be definitely recognized by the college of your choice.

5 Ways to Improve Your Education Productivity

Aug 12, 2017

It can be very easy to lose your focus when studying in college due to overwhelming workload and constant exhaustion. But you don't want your productivity to suffer because of some outside factors that are out of your control! Here, we give some advice on how to improve your efficiency, what to do when you're running out of time and how to organize your daily life in a way that allows you to keep up with all your studies.

4 Tips to Write Successful Creative Essay

Aug 08, 2017

A creative essay can be a tricky assignment, especially when you're struggling with writing in general. Allow us to introduce you some useful advice and "how's and what's" of a successful creative essay. We'll discuss which of your skills should be shown more during the writing. We'll also consider what to concentrate on in the main body and what to let go in order not to overload your paper with unnecessary parts. What makes a good creative essay? Let's find out!


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